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Sponsor Guidelines

  • Have you been living the 4th Day and understand the goals of Via de Cristo?
  • Have you prayed for guidance before taking any action toward sponsoring this person?
  • Have you told your applicant about the 4th Day?
  • Have you ensured that your applicant really wants to participate, not just do you a "favor"?
  • Have you offered to assist with baby, pet, house sitting, etc.?
  • Have you offered transportation to and from the weekend?
  • Have you agreed to support your applicant with Prayer, Palanca and your presence at the closing?
  • Do you agree to actively assist your applicant to join a Group Reunion, participate in Ultreya, even if you are required to be part of that Group Reunion?
  • Do you agree to support your applicant in the 4th Day for at least six months after the weekend?
If all answers are YES, then complete the application!

Via de Cristo of Ohio
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Cincinnati, Ohio 45253
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