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Requirements to Attend

First time attendees(or "Pilgrims") are sponsored by a person or group of people who have previously attended a Cursillo weekend (known as "Cursillistas"). Several requirements of both parties need to be met before Pilgrims can attend a weekend:
  • A Via de Cristo Weekend is an emotional and deeply spiritual experience not suited for everyone.
  • Anyone attending a weekend must be a baptized, committed Christian and be physically and emotionally able to experience the weekend completely.
  • Clergy endorsement is required from the potential Pilgrim's pastor. Check with the endorsing clergy before approaching a prospect to ensure that endorsement will be forthcoming for pastors may know something unknown to sponsor which makes that person an unsuitable candidate for Via de Cristo.
  • A Pilgrim Application must be completed by the prospective attendee.
  • The sponsor must complete the Sponsor's Registration Form
  • The Sponsor mails fully completed Pilgrim Application and Sponsor Form along with a non-refundable check in the amount of $15.00 to the Registrar.
  • Applicants and sponsors will receive acknowledgments of applications, both will be notified of final action and sent instructions two weeks prior to the selected weekend.
  • There is no cost to the Pilgrim to attend the weekend. All costs have already been paid by previous pilgrims and members of the community.

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